A return to the past will ensure our future

Before the Industrial revolution the people of the United States were relatively healthy.There was little incidence of heart disease , cancer and many of the chronic illnesses that plague our citizens.Most notably if one peruses the photographs taken in the 1800s and early 1900s there seemed to be little(excuse the pun) obesity.Examining photographs and videos of the present and the naked eye (only the eye) of today reveals that obesity has taken over our country.No matter where you go there are fat people waddling around swaying side to side, struggling to get in and out  of their cars that they park as close as they can to the front of the building they are going to and some parking in disabled spots because they have disability placards because they are too fat.Once inside  the building they are seen waddling around leaning on the handle of the shopping cart or ( this one really gets me) driving around in a shopping cart oblivious to the walking patrons and in the process endangering the safety of others simply because they are too fat to walk.I repeat that too fat to walk.

How does somebody get too fat to walk?. One does not wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see a 400 pound blob that was a normal 190 body the day before. No, it comes from a lifetime of inactivity,laziness, and ingesting all the bad food that is pushed down our throats by the corporate food giants and consuming  alcohol that is glorified in all the commercials and linked to the prospect of having a good time, (lets party), and all of the scrip drugs that are given to control the symptoms that is caused by all of the above.This is the most vicious of all circles.

The problem is that this is killing our country.All the political wanks talk about productivity and the economy needs to be productive.How can an economy be productive when that economy cannot even walk? It cant. We will continue our descent down the slide of history if we do not radically change our behavior. It starts with diet and using the magnificent machine that nature has provided

Our citizens used that machine in our early history and it was fueled with nutritious food because that is all there was and as a nation we were healthy and  therefore PRODUCTIVE.

We must return to the past and we can, or we will have no .future